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That's right - yesterday I went to see 'Titanic in 3D'. And boy, the cold, flegmatic me became a real Niagara falls back there...
I couldn't help it - it was SO good! I was a bit fussy about the lenght (3 hrs), but even that didn't make much trouble - the acting, scenario and 3D was a masterpiece!
Not all of viewers were so melodramatic though - a Russian couple in my right just kept trowing jokes all the time (I hate people like them!) and the eldery couple in my left were discusing their pensions time to time (-_-*)
My mother wasn't exactly understanding either - she just stiffed a laugh when hearing that the big bad sarcastic me 'plopped down like a piece of butter in a hot summmer' since I already watched that movie countless times. That wasn't true, actually - I've seen the beggining on Youtube, and the ending on TV, but now when I saw the middle and understood that they actually did love each other, it became even more sadder :'(
(By the way, if your wondering, I just looked at her with my big innocent green eyes and said "It's better to have a sensitive heart, than no heart at all...", she silenced herslef right after that).

So, anyone else went to that movie?
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April 21, 2012


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